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Weekly News Report

The past week, we started chapter 14 in our math textbooks. Students are performing very well. As of reading, we finished up ch. 9 of “Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief.”

(Percy is offered a quest to retrieve Zeus’s lightning bolt.) On the lines of Social Studies, students had to hand in a essay about how the Nile River shaped ancient Egypt. (Hopefully, fingers crossed,everyone did well.)Finally, a former School#2 student with Autism made an announcement of how grateful he was that this school had some kind of Autism Awareness program. I’m sorry, there were way more news, but I forgot. That is all the news for this week, another one will be heading your way shortly. Have a great day.

This news report was brought to you by John Hwang
Weekly News Report

This past week we learned about a new reading strategy called "Genre Reformation." Students were challenged to make a mini project on an article we created a song in class. Students were to sing their song they created themselves to the tune of "Brown Bear." (Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ek7j3huAApc). On Wednesday and Tuesday, students did not come to school, due to the inclement weather (snow). On Thursday, we had a math test on topic 12, which was on ratios (hopefully everyone did exceptionally well!). On Thursday, students were set home with test packets to show to their parents and have them sign and look at their past test. We will soon be starting on our new novel, "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Theif," which will hopefully be a good read. Hopefully everyone will enjoy their St. Patrick's Day today!

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Weekly News Report
We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year~~ During the last week of 2016, students read some more chapters of Bud, Not Buddy and took a comprehension quiz on chapters 1~4. Hope everyone got an A+! As of math, we finished Topic 7 (Adding and Subtracting Fractions and Mixed Numbers) and took both a vocabulary quiz and a math test. Finally, on Friday, we worked hard in the morning to fill up the marble jar and succeeded! We assure you that we did not cheat and everything was 100% us. Well, maybe.. Anyways, Ms. Mitchell did the Mannequin Challenge with us THREE times, and did the now popular dance, "Juju On Dat Beat." Along with our fabulous Secret Santa presents, she sent us home with a delicious dip. Hope everyone enjoyed their Winter Break and had a nice Christmas and New Year filled with joy and luck!!

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Weekly News Update
Last week we did a poem sheet where each lit circle group had to work as a team and find out what each poem was the theme for each poem. For example a sonnet, lyric, narrative, etc. Also the team that got the most correct got a Ms.Mitchell. The winners were lit circle 1. In math we had our chapter 6 test and got back our test folder's. Lastly in writing we started comparing and contrasting two poems, the Walrus and the Carpenter, and Sonnet18. I hope you have enjoyed last weeks news.

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Weekly News Report
Last week, we did our science investigations on the water cycle, or evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. We also had our test on the revolutions and rotations of the earth. For math we did our chapter 5 math test, and we started chapter 6 which is about mixed numbers and improper fractions. For reading, we finished the book, "Number the Stars" and we made posters about some symbols in the book. We then presented them around the classroom. In social studies, we did our social studies quiz on chapter 2, section 3. We also read through chapter 4 so we can do the upcoming test. Finally, for writing, we finished up our argumentative essays on the different topics such as, gun control, child soldiers, and renewable energy. I hope everyone did good on all of these tests and essays.

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Weekly News Report
Last week we had a topic 5.1 to 5.4; hopefully we all did good, and in Social Studies we had a project about the the Pyramids. In reading we finished the book Number The Stars. Another thing we did in reading was make a plot mountain. We all had amazing ideas like making a roller coaster. The last thing that happened is that the marking period ended. I think that we all did a good job and that students who had a hard time should study harder.

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Weekly News Report
This past week, we learned about many things.We enjoyed our fun Halloween with lots of delicious food and candy. We walked around the school, proudly showing off our creative costumes! Now, back to school. As of reading, we read chapters eight, nine, and ten of the book, Number the Stars. We also went to our Lit Circles and shared our findings of each of our roles. Also, we talked about what each character symbolized based on their ages. Sadly, we had a quiz about what we talked about on Friday. In writing, we started our argumentative essays. We all chose topics of child soldiers, green energy, or gun control. In math, we reviewed topic 4 and took our math test. We also took a math vocabulary quiz on Monday. In science, we learned about convection and wind. Ms. Mitchell made it even more interesting with a funny video. We had many tests and quizzes this week, but hopefully 6M did well on all of them!

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Weekly News Report
In one week we could learn so much, especially with an amazing teacher like Ms. Mitchell! For Science, we reviewed reradiate energy and learned about density. We also did the Density Investigations where we had 4 different colored liquids and we had to layer them in a tube so that they don't mix.
In math, we got through lessons 3.8 to 3.10. On Thursday we reviewed for our test on Friday. Hope everyone did well!
For reading, we were practicing for our Part 1 test with sign posts and our Part 2 racer response for Lob's Girl. Wednesday was super fun when we did KAHOOTIT to study. We used our chromebooks to answer questions about sign posts, tone, mood, etc.
For writing, worked on color coding argumentative essays and then, we got our first novel, Number the Stars. We are going to read that, and then do Literature reading circle.
This week was busy, but we had fun. Good Luck 6M!!

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Weekly New Report

Last week we did a fun science experiments such as, having to cool down hot water without touching the hot water with the cold water. For writing we finished our creative narrative on Friday. For social studies on Friday we worked on figuring out bias reviews and sentences. For grammar we worked on Indefinite Pronouns and reviewed others.

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News Report
On our third week of school, we covered many subjects and learned many things. On Monday, we wrote down how to transition from one subject to another quietly in the Morning Meeting notebook. On Tuesday, we took the Social Studies test - bad. On Wednesday, our class worked on "Said is Dead", where we replaced the word "said." In On Thursday, we tried to prove that air had mass. We took some balloons, filled them up with air, and then balanced them on a scale. The larger balloon (filled with more air) weighed more than the balloon filled with less air because air has mass. Sadly, I don't know what will happen on Friday - IT IS THE FUTURE!

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News Report
We learned many things in school... There are different subjects, different lessons. But what exactly do we learn, and what are the purposes? Here is what we learned on our second week of 6th grade.
What we learned on our second week!

Morning Meeting Science Reading Math4 Social Studies
Monday Growth Mindset Goal W vs C C & C 1-4 NO PERIOD
Tuesday Riddle
Response to
"Quiz" Menu Dance-Share
Wednesday (Absent) Absent) (Absent) 1-5 Textbook Reading
Thursday Solve Share Songs AHA
Friday Story Starter NO PERIOD ........ ........ ........

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Welcome to 6th Grade! 2016-2017
I am so pleased to welcome you all to the 6th grade. I have taught many different grade levels, but have truly found my home in 6th grade. I look forward to forming partnerships with all of my new students and their families for the 2016-2017 year. Remember, we can ALL learn from one another and teach each other innovative and insightful things. Together, we will learn and grow side by sideLet's make it a successful and exciting school year.
See you all Monday morning at 9:30 to honor the class of 2016!
Student News Report
Hello parents! This week us kids learned how to make a board game out of our Percy Jackson character cards. Everyone has been working very hard on these games! These games can be based on real life board games, like Monopoly, Game of Life, or even Cranium. Hopefully we can get these done be the end of this week. We also took our topics 9-12 benchmark test in math. This helped us a lot with our math. Hope you have a great week!!!

This news report was brought to you by Dylan Matulewicz
Student News Report
On Monday Ms.Mitchell wasn't here so we had a substitute. Tuesday was a fun day because we learned how to write our names in Greek. YAY!!smiley However, Wednesday and Thursday was the opposite of fun since we had two quizzes. The first quiz was math topics 11.5 to 11.8. BORING!!!sad There is also one more lesson left in this topic. On Thursday we took the other quiz we which was a vocabulary quiz.BORING!!!sad In Writing we are creating our own stories about how the Furies (Wing-Bat Demons) came to life. We will turn these stories into essays and they are going to take a place in the myth kingdom.YAY!!!!! smiley We had Friday off because of Good Friday, YAY!!!smileysmiley

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Student news Report
Last week, everyone presented their character analysis presentations. Some students did a song, prezi, facebook page and even a phone. We also started looking at a PARCC rubric to grade our essays about how the point of view can affect a character and events. A special guest came in on Friday and talked about cyberbullying, In Chorus, we started talking about our spring concert. We are going to do a play and she told us the special parts. The tryouts are not yet announced, but a further notice will follow. Anyways, 6M had a wonderful week!

This new report was brought to you by Anushka Grover
Student News Report
During last week, we had a lot of amazing events that happened! On Wednesday, the Select Chorus sang "Wouldya Be My Valentine" to the whole school and handed out Valentine cards to the Kindergarteners. Next, we had an assembly for Character Awards and Honors / High Honors. Then on Friday, our class learned how to code! We also received an invitation to read under the stars with your parents or guardians. 6M had an amazing and enjoyable week! smileylaugh

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Student News Report
Last week on Wednesday we started topic 9 in Math, some students thought that this lesson was a little difficult. On Thursday we started 9.1, on Friday we started 9.2 and didn't have any homework. This week we received a invitation to read under the stars with your parents or gardians. There was also a last bagel sale of the year, $2 for bagel and $1 for juice. The school had a assembly yesterday and there was a lot of students in the school who won the Character Awards,Honers and High Honers. 6M had a fun and exciting week!

This report was brought to you by Christine Yoon

Student News Report
The week before last week was very special. On Monday it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, or MLK Day. A new group project was introduced that included both Writing and Reading. In Science, we are studying the different types of houses from around the world and why they are built like that.
Last week we got snowed in on Monday. I bet all the students were very very happy. Although the parents on the other hand, let's just not talk about it. On Thursday, we watched the "We Are The World" in music class. On Friday we had an assembly about Thomas Paine, where a man performed using a Limberjack and a board. Other speakers started talking about it to! It was also the last day of January we had in school.

This report has been brought to you by both Gen and Ryan yeslaughcheeky
Student News Report
Last week was a lot of fun! Even though rehearsals for the winter concert cut learning time short, we still managed to have time for important things, like tests! But all those rehearsals paid off when we amazed the audience at our winter concert. Also, the orchestra and band played! At the end of the week, we had more time to do what we came to school to do - learn! I'm sure everyone did a great job! And with the Holidays right around the corner, all that learning will pay off when winter break begins, since we need it for all the learning we have done. See all of you in 2016! yeslaugh

This news report has been brought to you by Gabriel Schwartz
Student News Report
Last week kicked off our first week of December and the second marking period! Testing began and last week we had a benchmark math test.Hope everybody got good grades! Then, on Friday, during reading class, 6M presented posters we made during our very first literature circles!! Everybody's poster looked amazing! Getting towards a new week, just yesterday we had a character and awards assembly. Congratulations to all the students who got an award! Have an awesome week!laugh

~This Report Is Brought To You By Ariel Gerson~
Student News Report
Boom Pow Wow! Our weekend was amazinglaugh!On Wednesday we had a half a day which meant we left at 1. We did a ton of thanksgiving things-check out class dojo to see pictures. First, we did a couple of normal subjects. Then, we started to have all the fun.We watched Charlie Brown and colored cool pictures which everyone did amazing on. We also did a reading packet that was like class work but with a funny twist.The packet had a bunch of facts and myths related to Thanksgiving. I bet everyone had tons of fun to start the four day weekend. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and made a heck of a deal on Black Friday!laughcheeky

This report had been brought to you by Omar Perez.

Studen News Report
Hello Students and Parents,
Last week School 2's 5th and 6th grades wore white, red, and blue to represent our country's flag. Some veterans, who survived World War 2, were here at School 2 on Monday. At first, Ariel Gerson, from 6M, said a little speech about the war. After that, we sang "The Brave" and "This is My Country."
On Friday, the students in School 2 had to wear green to celebrate the earth. And also, in science, before lunch, 6M went outside to measure the runner and the walker in each group. It was really fun!yes

This report had been brought to you by Rion Okada
Student News Report
Two weeks ago it was Halloween week!!!It was a blast.On Friday it was so much fun,we had a party and everyone dressed up in their costume.Even the teachers did too.The class moms came and gave us lots of treats,and fun activities to do.We also had a Halloween parade,many parents came.The week after Halloween we only had two days of school.It was a very busy week.On Monday we had a math test first thing in the morning.Later on in that day we had a turkey trot.Many people bought snacks,and we walked around outside.On Wednesday it was also a busy day.Everyone was tempted to get out of school,and enjoy their four day weekend.However we still worked very hard during those two days.

This report has been brought to you by Eunice Chung
Student News Report
Last week was very exciting! We had the S.A.D.D. elections on Tuesday, where some S.A.D.D. members ran for president, vice president, and secretary. We also had an assembly about respect and peace. There was a a band called Squeaky Clean from Nickelodeon, and they sang songs for us. We had the Halloween dance on Friday after school. Everyone came with amazing costumes. We also had Peace week last week. Class Ambassadors went on a field trip to School 3.

This report was brought to you by Vivian O'Loughin
Student News Report
Hello Students and Parents,

Last week the students started reading a novel called Number The Stars, and had our first test. Also, many students began running for SADD office to be a president,vice president,or secretary. In science we had our first science test and learned about distance and its equation.

This report was brought to you by Stephaine Chae
Student News Report
Last week was awesome!! On Monday, we had to wear blue for anti-bully day. On Tuesday, we had to be a twin with a friend. On Wednesday, we had to wear our favorite superhero. On Thursday, we had to wear two different shoes. On Friday, we had Sprit Day, so we had to wear yellow and black. We had lots of students participating this week!!laugh

This report was brought to you by Preston Kaplan.
Writing Quiz Change in Date
I have moved next week's Figurative Language Quiz from Wednesday to Thursday due to upcoming assemblies. I have updated the date in my assignments and will remind students tomorrow! =]

Student News Report
The week was great! I bet that everyone earned TONS of Class Dojo Points. Although, that's just a guess from a fellow classmate. This week we learned to solve problems using organized lists. We also started drafting our First Person Point Of View/Perspective Fiction story. We will all have to write the story as if we were a crayon, and we were either picked to draw pictures many times, or never. In the story, we will also have to include a theme or an inspiring lesson, Good thing we have our awesome parents as our role models!! Overall, This week was amazing, and I know for a fact that we'll have the most fun we've EVER had this school year. Lets all just hope for the best and an exciting year! laughheart

This Report has Been Brought you by Daniel Hanmail
Student News Report
This past week in sixth grade we started this website called class dojo. It's kind of a thing like power school but you get points for how good you are. Also if you misbehave, you lose points and yes you can go down to a negative. Have a great week!

This report was brought to you by Dylan Matulewicz
Extra Help Update
Due to meetings, extra help will be changed to Thursday of this week for both math and grammar. Permission slips will go home today for your child to attend extra help. Please fill out the permission slip regardless of whether or not your child will be attending this week. I can use them for the full year. Thank you. Let's have a great week!
Upcomming Week 9/21-9/25
I have uploaded the 6th grade Back to School Night presentation onto the documents section of my page. Feel free to view.

This week I will be offering extra help on Monday for math and Tuesday and Thursday for langauge arts. The focus of the language arts extra help will be pronouns, as there is a follow up pronoun quiz Friday, 9/25.

If your child normally is picked up, but wants to attend extra help, please make sure to pick up by 3:30 in the front of the school. For any changes in pick up, please send me an e-mail in advance so I know how to dismiss. =]
Student News Report
During the first week of school our class got to switch classes for the first time and we got to get our first few lessons of math done. Now the teachers and students are ready to start 6th grade! We are finished settling down, and we're ready to learn.

-This news reporter is brought to you by Royce Kim
Holidays in September
With all of the days off this month, there has been some rearranging of assessment dates. Please check the Homework link on the right side of my page for new dates. The teachers will also update students in class.
Looking Ahead
The sixth grade team is integrating the importance of organization and study skills into our instruction. Students can keep track of upcoming assessments by checking the homework tab to the right of my Fusion page, as well as taking responsibility over their planners.
Welcome Back!
Friday, September 4th, kicks off the 2015-2016 school year! I am so excited to meet you all and begin to build our 6th grade learning community. I have many interactive and exciting activities planned for us to get to know each other and set the rules and expectations for our classroom. TOGETHER, we will make the 6M classroom a place to call home.

You may, and should, visit my fusion page to access links that relate to our daily curriculum, check up on homework, and find out what's happening in 6M!

Enjoy the last few days of summer, but don't let it get you down; we have many incredible adventures ahead in 6th grade. See you all Friday! smiley

Ms. Mitchell
Discussion Topics
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Back to School Night Presentation
Welcome Letter 2016-2017
February Character Theme

Extra Help 
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